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In recent years I have been developing a particular narrative and visual language based largely on drawing and formal resources typical in fields like architecture, children's or textbook illustrations, comics, heraldry and political propaganda. A number of recurring topics appear once and again all across my work: the contradictions between theory and practice, the decisive influence of abstract ideas on concrete processes of social transformation, the relations of power with the historical past and how this is reinterpreted to legitimize the present.

I conceive my pieces as handmade replicas of cultural products from future or paralell societies. By means of images, objects and text, fictitious sociopolitical scenarios are posed, ranging from plausible to preposterous, located at some point between the Utopian and the dystopian. The imagined realities are not necessarily more desirable than the one we live in, their fundamental intention is to put under question historical determinism and othe ideological dogmas of our time, serve as a stimulus in the search for alternatives to the current system. Through distorting lenses of different colours and thicknesses we contemplate disturbing versions of our own world in which the mechanisms that keep things running, normally hidden under layers of culture and civilization, are laid bare.



Even Worse, It Could Be Perfect. Jaime González Cela & Manuela Pedrón Nicolau. Generaciones, 2019 (SP/EN)

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Interview for Diagonal, 2016 (SP)

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Informal conversation (with Mario Espliego). Retroalimentación, 2014 (SP)

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Interview with Oscar García. Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo, 2010 (SP)

Review by Elena Winkel. Index Hamburg, 2009 (DE)